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Construction Progress  - Aerial drone photos and video are excellent tools for monitoring progress on a consistent basis. Progress updates  are an affordable method for obtaining actionable information, leading project managers and stakeholders to make smarter business decisions, keeping projects on-time and on budget. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly photo and video captured at a variety of angles provide a visual record and evidence of a projects progress. Even before ground is broken, you can get detailed aerial views of your proposed construction site. During construction the updates can aid in spotting potential issues that would otherwise be missed. Capturing the same series of photos and video throughout the project, a complete time lapse record will be created from start to finish.

Orthomosaic Mapping – An Orthomosaic Map is a photographic map with a uniform scale and is a distortion free representation of an area that is true to the actual geography. They can be used to get a visualization of a properties condition without the need to visit the site. Accurate measurements of area, distances, and volumetric data can be obtained through them. 3-D orthomosaic models can be produced and used for planning, decision making, and design across many different industry sectors.

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